Top 10 indoor team building activities in Andalusia

When it comes to creating exceptional indoor team building activities in Andalusia, no one does it better than us.

Best indoor team building activities in Andalusia

Here are the top 10 indoor team building ideas in Andalusia, with ideal choices from Office Olympics to a Circus Skills Workshop.

We can help you decide from the top indoor team building ideas in Andalusia, thanks to our expert knowledge of the city and its leading suppliers. Our team building alternatives are always exciting and a great opportunity to get to know your crew in a less formal environment.

As an indoor team building company in Andalusia, we can adapt our experiences for small or large teams, always guaranteeing that the target of the experience is met and fulfilled. We do assist you to get the most of your business events, for the benefit of the companies and also its employees. Without further postponement, here is our top 10 indoor team building Andalusia activities.

Are you looking for help with your indoor team building activity in Andalusia? Get in touch with us and see how we can help you design the perfect indoor team building event in Andalusia.

Animate & create

indoor team building - animate & create

With Animate & Create, you will design your own animation classic, using play dough and plasticine and bringing them to life thanks to animation and the assistance of our animation experts, that will lead you from end to end.

This indoor team building activity in Andalusia is suitable for all group sizes and it is a very creative method to communicate your corporation principles, promote your website and can be fully adapted to the topic of your corporate event.

Bigger picture

indoor team building - bigger picture

The Bigger Picture is an exceptional indoor Andalusia team building experience. It grows an outstanding teamwork and communication atmosphere for the complete group. This memorable and creative exercise requires all groups to work independently to recreate composition – or company logo, with very little information.

Communication between teams is relevant in this choice, for all independent artworks to fit into ‘The Bigger Picture’. And after your masterpiece has been created, you could display it on the place of work for all to admire!

Crime scene investigation

indoor team building - crime scene investigation

There has been killing and you need to discover who made it! This CSI based indoor team building Andalusia choice will keep you busy for some hours while you investigate the scene of the killing with the newest technology available.

Dust for fingerprints, ultra-violet lighting and fibre identification will be your best allies whilst you resolve this case. This CSI team building in Andalusia enhances teamwork, communication and promotes team bonding at the same time that you are having fun.

International music experience

indoor team building - international music experience

Our International Music Experience is a rhythm-packed activity that will make everyone jump off their chairs and take part in a journey across different countries and their songs. Typical dances, costumes, percussion and drums are used in combination to develop an unbeatable atmosphere.

This indoor team building Andalusia choice brings the team together while promoting creative thinking and developing new aptitudes through music. You can be surprised and find out there are some gifted musicians and dancers amongst your workmates!

Office Olympics

indoor team building - office olympics

Office Olympics is a creative and easy-going indoor team building Andalusia activity purposely arranged to develop a feel-good ambience. Office Olympics brings staff together and is great to forget about day-to-day worries for a few hours while everyone is having fun and relishing the adrenaline buzz.

You can decide how sporty you want to get, and the experiences you want to develop – from table football, office football on chairs, darts, and air hockey, the sky is the limit! Share your needs with us, and we will gladly offer guidance!


indoor team building - backpackers

Backpackers is an amazing indoor Andalusia team building experience, whose target is to discover which group makes the best decisions on this competition against the clock!

The groups, who are backpackers that move around the planet, leave from Andalusia with a timetable, a passport, some money and instructions. They will have to confront many unforeseen circumstances along the way, thinking twice before they make significant decisions. Which backpacker will come back to the initial point with more money?

Circus skills workshop

indoor team building - circus skills workshop

With the Circus Skills Workshop indoor team building Andalusia activity, amusement is guaranteed for everyone! With this fun and practical choice, you will take part in a big circus exercise, acquiring how to plate spinning, juggle and diabolo to name but a few.

This indoor team-building activity in Andalusia encourages interaction and contributes to raising staff morale and self-confidence. It achieves this by pushing participants out of their comfort zones, allowing them to acquire new skills and enjoy themselves simultaneously.

Fast & furious

indoor team building - fast & furious

Fast & Furious is a competitive and engaging indoor Andalusia team building experience, where participants – that will be split into teams, have to build and customise a race car, that will ferociously contend against others on the turf to discover who is the best race car at all!

This enjoyable and team bonding choice is recommended as an icebreaker within meetings, but also works wonders as an afternoon option, that will bring plenty of energy into the room and will reinforce the bond between workmates.

Murder mystery

indoor team building - murder mystery

Through the cocktail reception, a gunshot is unexpectedly heard. The lady of the manor has been located dead but, who was the assassin? The chauffeur? Her daughter? The maid? Many suspects, many reasons and little alibis. It will be your duty to determine who was the murderer, for you to receive her fortune.

This engaging and interactive indoor team building option in Andalusia is the best supplement to a gala dinner, but also an unrelated choice. Communication abilities and teamwork are critical to catch the murderer and solve this murder!

The pitch

indoor team building - the pitch

In this competitive and creative activity, the groups will be called to develop, design, promote and market a product convincingly enough to show they have the best entrepreneurial abilities it takes to be the triumphant team.

Your team will work on your product and its business purposes in new ways, using innovative and original ideas that will fascinate your client’s interest. This creative indoor team building in Andalusia is most suitable for marketing corporations or companies looking to deepen the creative part of their crew.

Why indoor team building activities in Andalusia?

Weather in Andalusia is reasonable benevolent, but winter nights and rainy days are still there. This is why we provide you with Andalusia indoor team building activities that can be arranged the whole year-round (unless you are truly interested in outdoor team building in Andalusia, of course).

If you need indoor team building experiences in Andalusia to develop creativity, or perhaps want to expand on the communication between your employees, we can suggest Anime & Create, as well as The Pitch, where they will have to make choices and act as one as they progress on their tasks.

Alternatively, if you want to showcase your corporation values while still enjoying your indoor team building Andalusia experiences, Office Olympics is a great alternative, with guaranteed engagement for absolutely everyone. Bigger Picture is recommended for innovative teams, as they will be able to promote their artistic skills while taking a work of art back to the office.

All our indoor team building experiences can be bespoke to accomplish all your business purposes. These indoor team building ideas in Andalusia have been created to enhance the members’ productivity and to generate a genuine Return on Investment. We can assist you to create all sort of Andalusia indoor team building ideas, just tell us what your and purposes are, and we will develop a bespoke experience for you.

If you need more suggestions for your next event, we can help you with an extensive range of indoor team building experiences, and other not especially indoor team building, that will be a total success. Get in touch with us for more info!

team building - mystery dinner
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