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Best conference energiser activities in Andalusia

We have compiled our top ten conference energisers in Andalusia with everything from Build a Brand Challenge to Disco Trivia.

In DMC Andalusia, we have the best activities for conference boosters in Andalusia! These team building energisers are designed to be exciting and something your employees can look forward to.

As an events agency in Andalusia, our list covers conference booster activities suitable for large or small groups. Invest in your business’ success with a bespoke package of conference energisers Andalusia that will boost morale, improve communication, and promote creative thinking and problem-solving. Here is our inventory of the top 10 conference boosters in Andalusia.

Don’t you know where to begin planning your conference energiser experiences in Andalusia? Do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can create your best conference energiser in Andalusia.


conference energiser - boomwacker

Boomwhackers are tubular music makers that produce a musical resonance when tapped.

The team will be split into five colours, with Boomwhackers producing different resonances. We will transform the group into a highly tuned, inspirational Boomwhacker orchestra. This unique and fun boomwhacker activity works amazing as an ice breaker experience. These unique plastic tubes provide a high impact and very visual corporate team choice in Andalusia.

Play vibrant music as our expert team coordinates up to five different tunes. Let us organise your best ever team event in Andalusia. Surprise your staff, energise your event, and demonstrate the power of cooperation during your conference energiser Andalusia.

Challenge 100

conference energiser - challenge 100

Challenge 100 offers a time-bound conference icebreaker activity. Participants are given a selection of options that will challenge a great range of abilities under pressure.

Challenge 100 has been developed to test the team’s aptitude to think creatively, to deepen their leadership skills and ability to work under pressure through their conference energiser in Andalusia.

Participants are divided into groups. Once the clock starts, the groups must decide carefully and strategically from the array of activities, allocating their resources to secure as many points as possible.

Disco trivia

conference energiser - disco trivia

Enjoy a team experience to remember in Andalusia with a Disco Trivia conference energiser. Groups contend in a quiz, with music rounds, karaoke and dances, in an activity that guarantees that all delegates will enjoy.

This conference enhancer choice is ideal for livening up a conference or a corporate event in Andalusia. With the best songs from the ’70s onwards, and the choice to dress up or host a more formal the Disco Trivia evening is an exercise that can be adapted to any scenario.

Put on your best clothes, wigs and funky moustaches as your team competes to be Disco Trivia champions.

Logo creator

conference energiser - logo creator

This conference energiser Andalusia experience will have the team recreating their business message or logo in a different and new method during your business event in Andalusia.

The delegates will cooperate to create your logo or business message back together in the form of a giant Lego piece!

The Logo creator, one of our preferred conference enhancers Andalusia, can be developed in different ways, depending on the timing of your event. Your guests will collaborate to recreate the design using cooperation, communication and leadership skills. Recommended for photo opportunities and to enhance brand awareness throughout your event in Andalusia.

One voice

conference energiser - one voice

In One Voice, the team will be led by a skilled vocal coach. The delegates will get involved in amusing exercises that will get the most out of their voices throughout this conference icebreaker in Andalusia. As confidence boosts, they will be challenged to perform even more until all the team comes together in a song uniquely custom-made to the group.

During the One Voice challenge, the team will learn what can be accomplished when people open their minds, mouths and hearts. This conference enhancer option is an ideal icebreaker option during your event in Andalusia.

Build a brand challenge

conference energiser - build a brand challenge

Working in teams, delegates will get hands-on to make delicious chocolates, along with a winning pitch addressed to their target market, along with a mind-blowing branding, ground breaking packaging, a killer motto and a brief radio jingle.

This conference energiser experience ends with the pitches from each group heard by an objective jury that will evaluate the cost of the article, the creativity, presentation and the taste sensation. A fun, creative and bonding option in Andalusia.

This excellent conference enhancer Build a Brand Challenge workshop will take your team on a competitive journey that will captivate, motivate and excite all participants during their event in Andalusia.

Clap happy

conference energiser - clap happy

Clap Happy is a speedy, uplifting and, above all, a fun option that is appropriate as either a conference addon or as a conference energiser during meetings. It is the perfect icebreaking option for participants between working sessions. Clap Happy can be run from delegates seats, whether in a conference centre or meeting room during your event in Andalusia.

Clap Happy is planned to raise energy levels with the assistance of bright coloured rubber gloves. The team collaborates as a whole, with each person having an equal role in creating a Clap Happy tune. The best mood booster for your business events in Andalusia.

Drumming workshop

conference energiser - drumming workshop

Nothing helps to upgrade a team spirit more than to make music and rhythm at once with drums! Let our skilled team of musicians lead you during this drumming choice in Andalusia.

The event begins with a drumming demonstration as our experts play some songs to prepare the perfect ambience. Depending on your group size, you will be split into teams and will be seated in separate rhythm sections.

This conference booster in Andalusia does not require any musical aptitudes. In just a few minutes, you will do amazingly well. Each group learns a signature rhythm – the facilitator will fuse the rhythms like a symphony to produce an intense sound.

Lord of the swords

conference energiser - lord of the swords

Our professional sword instructors will take the group through everything there is to be aware of about sword-fighting prior to putting the movements into practice amid this conference booster in Andalusia.

Our specialist fight directors will take the team through step-by-step instructions and will engage delegates in the world of sword fighting!

The Lord of the Swords choice is a suitable conference icebreaker activity for all physical and ability levels. This choice is conceived to be entertaining and is carried out in a safe and rewarding atmosphere to develop a new aptitude that will impact everyone during your event in Andalusia.

Who done it?

conference energiser - who done it

Figure out the crime in a revival of the classic Cluedo board game! Teams will need to use all the skills demanded to solve a murder case in Andalusia.

Groups will get to listen to a brief intro from the professional Crime Scene Investigators, that have visited hundreds of crime scenes and disasters and will tell you all about how to obtain forensic evidence, study information and work out problems as you investigate.

Delegates will commence to understand the greater picture and establish who is the killer. “Who done it?” as a choice for conference energizers in Andalusia, it encourages teamwork and is a great option as a conference icebreaker.

Why conference energiser activities in Andalusia?

DMC Andalusia is your skilled agency for corporate events in Andalusia, including conference management, and conference energisers Andalusia. These activities quickly reenergize your participants, reinforcing your conference theme. Our Andalusia conference energisers have been precisely planned for conference environments and three key principles in mind: minimal set-up, short space of time and great results.

If you are seeking conference energiser ideas, both indoor and outdoor, to promote creative thinking or just want to increase meaningful communication between your staff, you could try our Challenge 100 choice.

Alternatively, if you are seeking indoor conference enhancer activities to help raise your business principles in a memorable and friendly atmosphere, then Logo Creator is a perfect option. Or if you are just looking to expand employee morale, consider Boomwhackers, a memorable and uplifting experience that can be organised everywhere.

All our conference icebreakers in Andalusia can be custom-made to meet your company objectives and provide you with a great chance to expand productivity and a genuine return on investment. Our range of conference energisers in Andalusia includes the Disco Trivia, the classical Who Done it, the Drumming Workshop, as well as Clap Happy and many others. Not to mention other great options such as the Build a Brand challenge, Lord of the Swords and the funny One Voice, which are also unbeatable experiences.

If you are searching for inspiration for your next event, we can provide a catalogue of conference energiser options in Andalusia that will ensure an occasion to remember. DMC Andalusia is your best partner for corporate team building, planning all your conference energisers in Andalusia. Do not hesitate to contact us at DMC Andalusia for more details!

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